'Offend Maggie'

Released on 13 October 2008 on ATP

`Offend Maggie` begins with a knowing rip off of Free`s `All Right Now` called `The Tears And Music Of Love` and it`s a peculiarly idiosyncratic choice of opener, as we have come to expect, but gives way to the familiar Deerhoof spunky skiffle beat and frenetic energy of `Chandelier Territory`.  Later the title track `Offend Maggie` proves itself to be another protean folk pop wonder hinting at the rather lovely whimsical nature of the band.

However, the punk pop soon runs out of steam before the end of the album. Although `Basket ball Get Your Groove On` and `This Is God Weeping` are ace titles, the songs themselves are less than thrilling.   `Family Of Others` and `Buck And Judy` also come up short, the latter sadly lacking the flair and panache that, say, The Boredoms could have given it. 

You really want to like and cherish these perpetual outsiders yet, on this outing, they so often fail to deliver that one begins to think they may have a touch of lazyitis.  I`m all for experimentation and cross-pollination as it often offers unexpected pop thrills and chills.  However, it`s sad to say this album is lacking in both (with notable exceptions in `Nomina O` and `Jagged Fruit` that end the album in style) and you can`t help but feel other new Japanese acts such as `Issey K` do this thing so much better.  `Offend Maggie` makes a good, late start but suffers a rather early finish.

Posted on 13 October 2008 by Keith Haworth

Tags: Deerhoof  Offend Maggie  Album Review 

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