CDX's musical YouTube round-up #3

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Featured Artists: Daft Punk  Emmy the Great  Foals  The Futureheads  Hercules & Love Affair  Laura Marling  Lightspeed Champion  Mystery Jets  Sons and Daughters  Utah Saints 

Back by dope demand. We missed an instalment just to keep you lean and hungry for more, so with no further ado...

Welcome To Our Tv Show! No, not our's, Jeremey Warmsley's. The formula is simple - take the cream of the alt.folk scene - Jeremey, Emmy The Great, Laura Marling, Noah & The Whale, Lightspeed Champion, Mystery Jets and Laura Groves - wedge them all into Jeremey's front room, serve tea and hit record on the video. Start with this episode (featuring Laura Marling? Oh, I hadn't noticed...) then check out the rest.

**STOP PRESS** - erm... I'm, err... I can't quite get my head round the this, just watch it and let me know whether mankind is doomed or saved.

Also genius - the video for Utah Saints' Something Good 08 (which I'm sure wasn't being called that when it was around last year).

You know the 3 time China DMC champion is going to have mad skillz - check out his 2007 routine with some nice visuals chucked over and around it.

This might be old news to you but if you've been living in a cave with no YouTube access you won't know that Sarah Silverman is having relations with Matt Damon. (Her fella) Jimmy's response? If you can't be original then at least go waaaaaay over the top.

Kanye's video for Flashing Lights was been done by Spike Jonze and caused some half-hearted controversy.

Staying with Kanye, I can see why he gets on people's nerves but I can also see why he deserves to be as successful as he is. The guy knows how to put on a show, like he did at the Grammys (ft cool Daft Punk cameo, natch) and he works hard. Stronger was a huge hit but still not good enough - he shelled out big money just to get Timbaland to work on the drums for the album version. You don't often get to see two heavyweight producers at work.

And so to a round-up of some recent singles and some other items:

Futureheads - The Beginning Of The Twist

Foals - Cassius

Hercules & Love Affair - Blind

Sons & Daughters - Darling

Misty's Big Adventure - Fashion Parade

Duffy - Mercy (Dunproofin remix)

I should put a nepotism warning on the last one as Dunproofin is sometimes seen stalking the CDX offices. I won't though, because that's the way the music industry works.

Posted on 12 March 2008 by Chris Unitt

Tags: youtube 

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