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And so cometh the 4th release week of the first calendar month of two thousand and seveneth. For lo it was nearing the end of January and was still dark and rainy outside, the music people came from their shouty towers and moved forth with their chirping wares to utter in the early spring of music to the listeners hearts.

As ever we have a total mixed bag thrown out into the shop for us to chew through, so lets not waste any time yeah cos Sarah in accounts really needs that report you are sitting on right? Don't make her get up and wobble down two floors to shout at you.

Top of the pile is the baldy Boo Radleys fella (Paperlung) coming back to remind us that his a great songwriter who was crushed by one fucking song and a fucking idiotic public that lapped it up like a drunk who has spilt his red wine on the pavement. The A-side of 'Do What Thou Will' reminds me of an Oasis album track which is usually skipped but at the same time loved because it isn't rabble rousing like the rest of the album, but 'Where Were You Then?' is a nicer song all round, even though the title repeated too many times. Keep on watching for hopefully stronger songs soonish from the baldy legend.

Bromheads Jacket (second best of this mixed shit bunch by a little bit) with another one of their short shouty pop songs. Nowhere close to best song on the album, but it ends with a rousing la la la section which is better for humanity than shooting dogs. The album is worth a punt if you want music that uses up the the energy you lack in life ever since you were told to stop pissing in the pool when you were 7.

Next up is Little Man Tate with 'Sexy In Latin'. Same shit, different spinny plastic disc. Is it me or are we still in the hangover period of the Libertines? Can someone give us the musical Alka Seltzer pronto. Its fucking 2007 y'know. Then again we've been saying this for 2 years now and still no one is listening.

And the bright new things that we hoped would save us (The Klaxons) release their weakest single ('Golden Skans') to a weak reviews using brackets (this) to make a pretty ropey (well, very ropey) link to...

Friends Of Ken who seem to have stolen the punk energy goblet for this week and are using it to alright effect on 'Backwards'. Standard fare, nice strained vocal, but the guitar sounds a bit to weak on the verses to make me really want to glass someone, yknow?

Accidentally comic rap of the week comes from Jibbs with 'Chain Hangs Low'. I know this song with the word balls instead of chain, but I can be down with his post-modernistic ironic look at the songs from my playground era. Strangely enough this takes 45 seconds till the grating sound really kicks in, and bravo for that feat considering it has 30 seconds or less written all over it.

Worst of the week is a toss up (well more of a collection of toss being tossed up over Richard Littlejohn (that total tosser)) between Keane and Larrikin Love. We all the know the evil of Keane so that can be skipped, but Larrikin Love... Clearly their being the 21st century version of the Wurzels couldn't last, so they have done some type of Transformers act from a fiddle into a 3rd rate elasticated jumper of musical treason. There is not enough bile I can find to throw at these arsehats before overheating and needing a good lie down so they are getting off lightly. This time.

So with that burning thought, here is the rest of the stuff. Don't hesitate to shout bums when necessary.

Animal Collective 'People'
Bobby Cook 'Gone So Far'
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy 'Lay And Love'
Chingy Ft Jermaine Dupri 'Dem Jeans'
Chris Singleton 'Get Up'
Client 'Zerox Machine'
Fionn Regan 'Be Good Or Be Gone'
Goldenhorse 'Maybe Tomorrow'
Hanna Hais '(Je Ne Veux Plus Etre) Ta Reine'
Hours 'Back When You Were Good'
Ian Carey 'Love Won't Wait'
Indi Forde 'Crystal Green'
Kristin Hersh 'In Shock'
Malcolm Middleton 'A Brighter Beat'
Mason Vs Princess Superstar 'Perfect (Exceeder)'
My Chemical Romance 'Famous Last Words'
Nigel Clark '21st Century Man'
Norah Jones 'Thinking About You'
Peven Everett 'Can't Do Without'
Sadie Ama 'Fallin'
Shints 'Phantom Limb'
Sky Larkin 'One Of Two'
Space Cowboy Ft Nadia O 'My Egyptian Lover'
This Is Seb Clarke 'I Just Can't Carry On'
Vanessa Hudgens 'Come Back To Me'

Like a landslide on a shit mountain that lot...

Posted on 22 January 2007 by Dan Tappin

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