Howling Bells

'Digital Hearts'

Released on 25 May 2009 on Independiente

For their latest single from second album `Radio Wars`, Howling Bells have chosen a pretty decent pop song, albeit one that eschews some of the more experimental elements of the LP and is generally fairly unremarkable. This makes writing a review of it hard, seeing as reviews are essentially a collection of remarks (and in this case not very witty ones).

`Digital Hearts` is catchy enough, although Howling Bells should probably note that the repetition of a gently anticlimactic chorus wonít make it any better. Other than that, thereís not much else to say; itís not bad, but itís unremarkable. Certainly, if you only download one Howling Bells song this year, donít make it this one. Then again, I appear to be about the only Culturedeluxian who prefers the self-titled debut album to `Radio Wars`, so what do I know? (`I don`t like either of them, so naaah` - Ed)

Posted on 25 May 2009 by Ewan Donald

Tags: Howling Bells  Digital Hearts  Single Review  Indie Pop 

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Article Feedback

Ewan wrote:
Richie, you don't like either? What's wrong with you?!
     Posted on 20 May 2009 at 09:34
Richie wrote:
Ha ha! I don't like anything from beyond 1993...
     Posted on 20 May 2009 at 10:03

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