Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

'Eine Kleine Nacht Musik'

Released on 14 July 2008 on Modular

We're living in a time where artistic side projects quite often eclipse the material that made the protagonist in question famous and Henry 'Riton' Smithson's krautrock posturings as Eine Kleine Nacht Musik ('a little night music' 1787 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) appear to be continuing that trend.

Probably best known for the funky mech-hop of his 2004 'Homies and Homos' record, Smithson here pays tribute to the less obvious side of his musical oeuvre and such krautrock acts as Can, Neu! and Tangerine Dream over nine motorised instrumentals.

The album begins very strongly with the slow-building, uplifting, psychedelic 'Ertrinken' eventually marching menacingly into the surprisingly techno sounds of 'Feverprobe' which must be an absolutely must for play at the likes of Optimo in Glasgow or in any Soulwax DJ set. Later, the pace is dropped somewhat for the atmospheric sine waves and music box cum sitar sounds of 'Die Fontaine' which segues effortlessly into the progressive, soundtrack of 'Bardolator'

Riton fans feeling left out may find pleasure in 'Besuchen Sie Mich Einmal' and the aforementioned 'Feverprobe' which both vaguely recall Smithson's revered take on The Cure's 'Killing an Arab' from the 'Homies and Homos' LP.

Leaving excellent single 'La Serenissima' off the album may have seemed an oversight at first but, with no obvious connection to these nine instrumentals, the decision to omit and release it as a standalone promo is entirely vindicated.

For those curious about the much-vaunted yet still curiously underground sound of 'krautrock' there can be no better entry point. On 'Eine Kleine Nacht Musik' Smithson successfully emulates his heroes to such an extent that you constantly find youself nodding your head and muttering 'Ja, das ist gut'.

Posted on 14 July 2008 by Richard Brown

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