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It's that time again - will the chaff outnumber the wheat?

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Here's this week's look at the singles out this week, next and, in the case of Pepe Deluxe (which I think has been delayed) the end of the month! As usual it's a mixed bag and, where possible, video links are attached so you can make up your own mind. If you disagree completely - and there's every chance you lot will - you can add your own mini reviews by using the form at the bottom of this article (or clicking on comments if this is on the site homepage!)

Pepe Deluxe - 'Go For Blue'
Sounding like it's escaped from a Detroit garage in 1967, 'Go For Blue' is one of the more obvious singles from Pepe Deluxe's recent stonker of an LP. It's an educational tale about how 'all the colours go for blue' and if it isn't directly drug-related then it sound like it bloody well should be. What sounds like a broken stylophone solo towards the end only adds to the peculiar brilliance of this three-minute track - one that packs more rock than a wired Keith Moon. On the remix front, Glasgow's Optimo (Espacio) turn the cool factor up to max with their '3rd Summer of Love Version' - almost guaranteed to be soundtracking a confusing advert for a car, mobile phone or quirky lager by the end of the summer.
Released 27th August on Catskills Records

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - 'Today the Sun's On Us'
Having released a duo of return-to-form (i.e. patchy but listenable) singles from her latest album so far, Sophie now gives us a track from the montage section of an eighties teen movie. The point half way before boy, having met girl, goes on to lose girl due to some grisly plot twist involving a spurned ex-lover. Just like those songs, this one becomes instantly forgettable mere backing music as your brain is too busy trying to work out at which point Sophie thought it would be a good idea to try to look like Amy Winehouse.
Released 6th August on Fascination / Polydor

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 'Berlin'
With a single remix from Tony Hoffer which buffs up an otherwise inconsequential album track and, perhaps unwittingly, gives the chorus 'Suicide's easy / What happened to the revolution?' something of a hair-metal sound, the 'Club are back in the good books after the rather unpopular but rather good 'Howl' LP. 'Berlin' sees the band land on more commercial ground to the detriment of their usual energy. One for the die-hards only.
Out now on Island Records

Prinzhorn Dance School - 'Crackerjack Docker'
With high hopes for this band due to their ties to the always excellent LCD Soundsystem, it's rather disappointing to find that PDS show themselves here as no more than England's crap, self-indulgent White Stripes covering 'Losing My Edge' badly. The associations are not enough to sway decision here, the song is one dimensional and chock-filled with nonsensical lyrics about monkeys and hob-nailed boots. Here's hoping the album reveals another side of the band.
Released 6th August on DFA
Videos: Quicktime Lo | Quicktime Mid | Quicktime Hi | Real Lo | Real Mid | Real Hi | Win Lo | Win Mid | Win Hi

Goldspot - 'Friday'
Agggh, the Kooks have pro-created. Worse still, they've mated with Travis. We were always warned of this - pop will eat itself - it's just you never thought it would be this fucking tasteless.
Released 6th August on Fontana

The King Blues - 'Come Fi Di Youth'
Incorporating reggae and punk into their ensemble, the King Blues give us this anti-racism call to arms which recalls (although not entirely convincingly) the vocals of Joe Strummer. Having picked up quite a fanbase already through Radio 1's The Lock Up and through Zane Lowe they can be guaranteed some success with this single, which has an accessibility to match the importance of the inherent message.
Released 6th August on Field Recordings

Republic of Loose - 'Break!'
Described as both the Irish Outkast and the Celtic N*E*R*D, Dublin's Republic of Loose engage a sound both sellable to bling-obsessed teens and one that can be enjoyed by part-time radio-hoppers. While you can hurl the criticism that Pharrell and his acolytes pretty much sewed up the acoustic-riff-hip-hop market some years ago, this introduces fresh elements to a genre which has seriously lost its way.
Released 6th August on Loaded Dice Records

Robyn - 'With Every Heartbeat'
Apparently all over Radio 1 like a rash at the moment, the born-again Swede Robyn looks set to finally return to the UK top 10 with this electro-pop helping. It's one of the better tracks from her so-so comeback album and features a most unlikely string quartet solo. Of course, if this had a name like Kylie attached to it then it'd be number one with a bomb. As it stands, Robyn should be proud of this likely (if probably short lived) return to the big time. Definitely worth tracking down are the generous selecton of remixes taking the track deservedly to the mind's dancefloor.
Released 6th August on Konichiwa Records
Videos: Win Hi | Win Mid | Win Lo | Quicktime Hi | Quicktime Mid | Quicktime Lo

Shocking Pinks - 'This Aching Deal' / 'August 3rd (Arkitype Remix)'
New Zealand's Shocking Pinks release the first of four seven inches in quick succession on Monday. Faring better than their labelmates this week, the A-side is a pleasing portion of electronic drone flanked by crashing percussion and is complimented by the disturbing-cum-tranquil sound of the flip's remix - a track which descends rather than builds into a stark yet full-toned sonority. A good opening to a genuinely exciting series.
Released 6th August on DFA

Posted on 1 August 2007 by Richard Brown

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