'Music for An Accelerated Culture'

Released on 5 May 2008 on Surface Noise

If there was ever going to be a poster band for the term 'NU-RAVE then Hadouken! is it!

The Leeds based band got their name from a special move (a throwing fireball attack called "the Hadouken") in the old Street Fighter video game. The bands songs are full of 8-bits samples and classic rave sounds (think old Moby, Lords of Acid and Acen). The lyrics refer to angst ridden youth, sex, being skint and getting wasted. The music styles vary from grime and punk to happy hard core.

The band of the future this not, but if you are looking to shut your brain off for and hour and have a fun time then this is the band for you. Hadouken! don't seem to take themselves too seriously and there is enough energy in each song that you won't need that Red Bull to keep you up all night, dancing like a loon.

Check out 'Game Over', 'Crank It Up' and ' Driving Nowhere' (my personal favorite).

Oh...and the Pirate Soundsystem remix of "Liquid Lives' (single out now on Surface Noise/Atlantic ) is ACES, just so you know.

Posted on 5 May 2008 by Phil Russell

Tags: Hadouken! 

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Article Feedback

Anonymous wrote:
Wow, Lords of Acid and Acen mentioned on CDX in the same article - AND Pirate Soundsystem!

I declare that this article knows the score well and truly!
     Posted on 8 May 2008 at 19:40

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