The Late Greats

'Destroy My Brain'

Released on 18 May 2009 on Izumi

Eastbourne, vaguely famous for white cliffs and pensioners, is also the place that The Late Greats call home. They deal in catchy lo-fi indie, and arenít really as special as their name claims. They also probably listen to Foals. A lot.

`Destroy my Brain` is a catchy wee song, but the guitar work isnít quite captivating enough to propel the tune above the realms of acceptable, if slightly derivative, indie. The upbeat tempo and authentic English wail is probably enough to fill out dance floors, which perhaps explains their forthcoming appearance at the Latitude Festival.  If youíre a fan of angular, post-rock-influenced guitar pop this is worth a look, but there are plenty of bands doing this and doing it better.

Posted on 18 May 2009 by Ewan Donald

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