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World of Twist were an early 90s band tied to the madchester movement, although their sound was closer to that of the britpop bands that became popular later in the decade. They released a few singles and one album before disbanding, taking on a somewhat mythical character as a result. For anyone living in Manchester during the early 90's and not totally convinced by the Madchester scene - preferring music with a little more glamour and a little less predictability - World Of Twist (along with Intastella) were the ones worth paying attention to.

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2 August 2006
Tony Ogden 1962 - 2006
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Top 10 Tracks
1. She's a Rainbow
2. Sons of the Stage
3. The Storm
4. Lose My Way
5. Sweets
6. This Too Shall Pass Away
7. Jellybaby
8. Speed Wine
9. The Lights
10. On The Scene

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