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A wise women once told me that if she could live her life again she would spend it making charcoal drawings of the countless yew trees that have been growing for an eternity in Little Langdale. A small valley hidden away on the road to nowhere in the Lake District. This thought flashed through my mind as I lay face down in the mud of a nameless field in Northern France. The year was 1918 and the Great War was coming to a bitter conclusion, no one had won.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Giants' Graves
2. The Beatification of St Thomas Aquinas
3. Rapture of the Deep
4. A Crocodile Song
5. Smiert Spionem
6. No Flies On Me (Ballad Of the Jam Head)
7. The Best Free Show on Earth
8. Sex Music (Beef on Wax)
9. The Puppeteer
10. De-Nihilism

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