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We Are The Physics, purveyors of the completely fictional mutant science punk rock hail from Glasgow, Scotland and first graced a stage in 2005 by mistake when Hoggboy was cancelled. Originally known as We Are The Physics Club And Therefore Everything We Say Is Fact, the spindly legged quartet source from bands such as Devo, The Skids, Polysics, Buddy Holly and Ex Models. Physics have been relentlessly gigging up and down the UK and across Europe...

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Single Reviews
21 April 2008
You Can Do Athletics, BTW
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Less Than Three
2. You Can Do Athletics, btw
3. Fear of Words
4. Bulimia Sisters
5. This Is Vanity
6. Action Action Action Action Action
7. In The Graveyards
8. Networking
9. Duplicates
10. CYT #1

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