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THE VOODOO TROMBONE QUARTET are a cult band from London whose unique sound blends the flavor of old ska 45s, lounge and exotica with a wry sense of humor and a contemporary dance-floor sensibility. The result is somehow much more modern than that might imply. http://www.myspace.com/voodootrombonequartet Formed in 2004 the bands first tracks were made freely available on the internet by their creator as supposedly 'rediscovered' originals. The joke soon backfired however when the tracks became immensely popular in their own right and each one clocked up thousands of downloads.

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Single Reviews
25 May 2009
South Westerly
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Medium Wave
2. Your Pleasure Is Our Pleasure
3. Voodoo Juju
4. Vibrations
5. Do it your own way
6. Le Trombone
7. My Name In Food
8. south westerly
9. Devil Take The Hindmost
10. Edgar

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