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The Voluntary Butler Scheme is, to all intents and purposes, Rob Jones – a young man holed up in Stourbridge just outside Birmingham, writing pop songs of classic sound, vivid imagination and homemade ingenuity. A couple of years ago, Rob filled the days surfing drum stools, playing for a string of bands and relishing the low-expectations life of a jobbing musician. But then, the offer of a solo gig came up. "So I wrote four or five songs, and played the show," he explains. And? "And it wasn't all that," he laughs.

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29 May 2008
The Voluntary Butler Scheme is Coming Soon!
Album Reviews
31 August 2009
At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea
Single Reviews
5 October 2009
Trading Things In EP
29 June 2009
Tabasco Sole
2 March 2009
21 July 2008
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Trading Things In
2. Turn Country Lanes Into Motorways
3. The Eiffel Tower & The BT Tower
4. I've Seen You Send A Better Heartbreak Letter
5. Hot Air Balloon Heart
6. Tabasco Sole
7. Multiplayer
8. Together in Electric Dreams
9. Split
10. Laundry

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