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VENUS INTERNATIONAL is a project by german producer, musician and DJ Mr. Alfa (aka Alfa Kay) featuring female singers from several countries.

By mixing musical elements of Electropop, Downbeat, Triphop, Jazz, Soul, Lounge and Electronica Venus International cover a broad spectrum of stylistic colours.

The singers are: Iris Aneas (Barcelona, Spain), Janea (Cologne, Germany), Lalah (Hamburg, Germany), Ludmilla (Krakow, Poland), Crystin (Düsseldorf, Germany), Christine Lunaire (Austin, USA), Elina Jaiden (Hollywood...


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Album Reviews
13 July 2009
8 December 2008
Venus International
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Misses-Make-Me-Feel-Good
2. Pléyades
3. Into Something New
4. Endless Summer Symphony - End Titles
5. My Body Shines
6. Endless Summer Symphony - Crystal Glares
7. Catching The Stars
8. Endless Summer Symphony - Soak Up The Sun
9. Summer Of Love
10. Beautiful

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