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Everything James Lavelle has created and initiated has been driven by the same irrepressible sense of curiosity and an incorruptible willingness to take risks. The music released today under the banner of UNKLE is very different from early UNKLE records. The spirit is the same. James Lavelle was a fresh-faced fourteen-year-old when he began to travel every Sunday from Oxford, where he lived, to the Soul 2 Soul shop in London. “Soul 2 Soul were my heroes”, he says. “Them, and The Wild Bunch. It was my sort of Punk.

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27 June 2008
Free Tracks From Your Generous UNKLE
28 June 2007
UNKLE Unlease Quartet of Exclusive Podcasts
27 June 2007
UNKLE Telling War Stories
Single Reviews
29 October 2007
Hold My Hand
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Lonely Soul
2. Rabbit In Your Headlights
3. Unreal
4. Celestial Annihilation
5. Bloodstain
6. Back And Forth
7. Chemistry
8. Chaos
9. Hold My Hand
10. Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field Of Artist Management

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