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The Ruthless Rap Assassins were a hip hop group from Hulme in Manchester, England. The group was formed by MC Kermit La Freak (later simply Kermit - real name Paul Leveridge) and brothers Dangerous Hinds (real name Anderson Hinds) and Dangerous C (real name Carson Hinds).

Kermit grew up in Moss Side, Manchester - where he leant to play violin at the age of 6 - and was briefly a DJ under the name of "DJ la Freak" whilst doing a psychology degree at Manchester Polytechnic.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. Justice (Just Us)
2. Here Today...Here Tomorrow
3. Crew From The North
4. and it wasn't a dream
5. Law Of The Jungle
6. Just Mellow
7. Posse Strong
8. Here Today... Here Tomorrow
9. And It Wasn't a Dream (12")
10. Three the Hard Way

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