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There are two bands named The Royal We, Both with self-titled albums. 1. The Royal We were a group from Glasgow, UK who cleverly mixed old school swing with modern indie. The group performed their last gig on the 5th November 2007, the same day on which they released their first album. Three members then formed the Sexy Kids, released a 7" and then formed Veronica Falls 2. bio missing

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21 October 2007
Introducing Correcto...
25 September 2007
Singles Roundup
29 August 2007
We Are All The Rage
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Top 10 Tracks
1. All the Rage
2. Party Guilt (Dinky's Arp-a-pella)
3. That Ain't My Sweet Love
4. Back and Forth Forever
5. Three Is a Crowd
6. Wicked Game
7. Willy
8. Space 1999
9. French Legality
10. I Hate Rock N Roll

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