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Rosa Mota were formed in 1992 by Ian Bishop (vocals/guitar) - formerly of Atom Bomb Babies, Bright Young Things and Ultra Vivid Scene, Julie Rumsey (vocals/guitar), Sacha Galvagna (guitar), Michelle Marti (bass) and Justin Chapman (drums) and after two singles on indie label Placebo they signed to Mute imprint, Thirteenth Hour Recordings. Robin Proper-Sheppard of God Machine produced their debut album "Wishful Sinking" released in 1995.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Unrequited Love Song
2. Hopey
3. Space Junk
4. Thintro
5. Asbestos Frenz
6. Always With Wings
7. Little White Horse
8. L'egoiste
9. Asbestos Frenzy
10. Smack Scratch

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