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FAB! International Resque were formed in Reading in 1989. They dropped the 'International' prefix sometime after the release of their second single, 'So Way Down'. Unashamedly a pop band with no particular affection or affinity for 'indie' or independent labels, Resque played Sixties-influenced tunes your milkman could whistle. They toured as the support to their mates Carter USM a couple of times, which widened their exposure to the record-buying public. If you saw them, get in touch and share your memories.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. She Drives My Train
2. Watch Me When I Fall
3. Life's A Bonus
4. Yeah!
5. The Reasons Why
6. Don't Put The Blame On Me
7. My Big Ambition
8. In My Room
9. Jump Back
10. Room To Dream

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