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Renegade Soundwave (aka RSW) was a London based electronic music group formed in 1986 and disbanded in 1995. During their nine year career they released four long playing albums and twelve singles. They were equally well known for their skill as producers and re-mixers of songs by others as they were for their own music. The two core members were Danny Briottet and Gary Asquith, both former members of Mass. Karl Bonnie was a founding member but quit in 1990 after the release of their debut album. Asquith had also previously served with early 4AD signing, Rema-Rema.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Renegade Soundwave
2. Biting My Nails
3. Probably A Robbery
4. The Phantom
5. Can't Get Used To Losing You
6. Lucky Luke
7. Murder Music
8. Thunder
9. Positive ID
10. The Man Who Wouldn't Let Wax Wane

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