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port-royal (rigorously written with small letters and the "-" between "port" and "royal"), as a band was born in the summer of 2000 in Genoa, Italy. They play a dreamy, heady, melancholic, wide music on the border among electronica, ambient, shoegaze with some dance elements even if they are 'Afraid To Dance'. The music is mixed with the sensual images and shots of Diamantakos.

After releasing officially as singles another 2 remixes of acts such as Ladytron and Felix Da Housecat...


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Top 10 Tracks
1. HVA (Failed Revolutions)
2. Bahnhof Zoo
3. Nights In Kiev
4. Anna Ustinova
5. Pauline Bokour
6. Anya: Sehnsucht
7. The Photoshopped Prince
8. I Used to Be Sad
9. Internet Love
10. Susy: Blue East Fading

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