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Psapp (pronounced sap) is an experimental electronica band from the United Kingdom. The band, a duo consisting of members Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, are sometimes credited with inventing a musical style known as toytronica. Galia Durant’s story began in a household running amok with records, art and books. Galia’s mum collected protest songs while her dad is a professorial art historian with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Indian classical music.

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6 April 2009
Psapp Interview
17 May 2006
Psapp Interview
Album Reviews
13 August 2007
Hallam Foe - Original Soundtrack
Single Reviews
30 March 2009
I Want That
3 November 2008
The Monster Song
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Cosy In The Rocket
2. Hi
3. Tricycle
4. This Way
5. The Words
6. Hill of Our Home
7. Eating Spiders
8. New Rubbers
9. Tiger, My Friend
10. Make Up

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