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"It takes a while to build a sound this big," ponders Prego frontman, Edd Simpson, "It also takes the right people to build it."

That sound being a colossal 10-armed substation of tempered ambition and amplification that, within the bat of an eyelid, can power down to the echo of footsteps, before snapping back larger and louder than ever before. Its a bastard to get right reigning in the piercing frequencies of three rival guitars, oddball synths, borrowed basses and lateral drums but dagnammit on a good night it can sound mega.


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Single Reviews
4 August 2008
Cause and Resolve
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Top 10 Tracks
2. Cause and Resolve
3. Cause and Resolve (The Vatican Sessions)
4. Hit to Send (The Vatican Sessions)
5. My Current State (Is your Latest Objective) (The Vatican Sessions)
6. The Longest Calm
7. Parachutes and Flying Machines
8. Melanholiskais valsis
9. I Know
10. ?I Know

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