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Pope Joan are a 4-piece leftfield pop band from Brighton, England. Ambient walls of processed guitar noise, furious drum lines and quirky 8-bit synth keyboards are all underpinned by an incredibly demanding pop sensibility. Since the release of their critically acclaimed and hectically demanding debut mini-album Hot Water, Lines and Rickety Machines (via OIB Records) at the end of last year, the band have been busy writing and honing new material – their new AA side single Centurions // Volumes is the first taster of what’s in store.

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Album Reviews
25 August 2008
Hot Water, Lines & Rickety Machines
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Ground is Shaky
2. Centurions
3. Volumes
4. Mattias
5. Dictator
6. a length of string
7. 49 years time
8. Nothing Is Too Much
9. An alternate route to the end
10. no tv

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