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Pluxus - Sebastian Tesch, Adam Kammerland and Anders Ekert (and until 2003 Björn Carlberg) is a music group from Stockholm, Sweden. They have developed their own unique sound using vintage synthesizers, samples, computers and other machines. They have released four major albums, as well as a number of singles, eps and remixes. The track Transient from their album Solid State (released on Pluxemburg, november 2006) can be found in the 2008 Ford Fiesta commercial

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13 May 2008
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Album Reviews
19 May 2008
Solid State
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Transient
2. Kinoton
3. Perm
4. Bootstrap
5. Sansui
6. Forth
7. Agent tangent
8. Solid State
9. Slow Peel
10. Corrose

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