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The plump DJs (Lee Rous and Andy Gardner) are one of the most popular DJs and producers of Nu skool breaks, a style of electronic dance music that has gained a large following in recent years. The duo quickly rose to club stardom with the release of the popular track 'Electric Disco' in 1999. With their next release, "Remember My Name" and the release of their album "A Plump Night Out", they soon found themselves to be one of the most popular acts in the breaks scene. "A Plump Night Out" album was a mix of their own productions and remixes of other artists.

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23 April 2008
Nod Your Head To This!
Album Reviews
2 June 2008
Single Reviews
26 January 2009
Beat Myself Up
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Scram
2. The Push
3. The Funk Hits The Fan
4. Intro
5. Fever
6. A Plump Lesson
7. System Addict
8. Screwball
9. Rocket Soul
10. I'll Get You

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