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Sounds Like: The song you were accidentally conceived to. Minus the outdated condom your dad kept in his wallet for 6 months because, lets face it, your pop is a loser. A no ass getting wimp. But you're cool though. I like your $200 jeans. They give you a magic ass worth writing poems about in a lofty language thought long dead. What? Huh? Say that again? You're a dude and i'm grossing you out? Well, too bad Tupac, it's not my fault you look like Legolas. Chill with the hair extensions Mr. L.A.

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5 November 2008
Getting To Know #7 - Plastic Little
8 February 2008
SXSW 2008 Lineup Announced.
Single Reviews
10 December 2007
I'm Not a Thug
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Top 10 Tracks
1. The Jumpoff
2. Get Close (King Honey Remix)
3. Dopeness
4. Club Banger
5. Bomb in the Club Hoe (B.I.T.C.H.)
6. 5th Chamber
7. Steven and Billy
8. Creative Differences
9. 4$ Love Song
10. Beef Resolved

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