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There are at least three bands with the name "Pivot": 1) Pivot (Australia) is comprised of Dave Miller and brothers Laurence and Richard Pike. Pivot’s debut album on Warp Records, 'O Soundtrack My Heart' came out in August 2008. The first single ‘In The Blood’ came out in May 2008, followed by 7" tour single and video clip for title track 'O Soundtrack My Heart' in October 2008. 2) Pivot (United States) progressive rock band from Raleigh, North Carolina featuring Brian Kelly on vocals, guitar, and keys, Eric Hambright on guitar, Mike Hambright on bass, and Phil Cicco on drums.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. In the Blood
2. Fool In Rain
3. October
4. O Soundtrack My Heart
5. The Quick Mile
6. Didn't I Furious
7. Sweet Memory
8. Love Like I
9. Nothing Hurts Machine
10. My Heart Like Marching Band

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