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Donnison Laing and Josh Grigg are the names behind the eye patches of the bass plundering production team Pirate Soundsystem. Inspired by the history of London's dance scene PS's constantly evolving sound draws on rave, grime, dubstep and garage and turning these influences into their own brand of house, with heavy basslines aimed squarely at the dancefloor. A string of remixes for some of the best underground acts has ensured them a solid place pioneering the new sound coming out of London.


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Top 10 Tracks
1. My Dimension
2. Your Love?
3. Trip II London
4. Go Rasta
5. Pum Pum Head
6. Get Your Heads Out
7. Heads Out
8. Think Im Ready
9. Scream If You Wanna Go Rasta
10. Loves Hit

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