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The work of Johnny Lynch, aka ‘The Pictish Trail’ is more stirringly subversive stuff from the Fence Collective. Lynch writes warm, welcoming tales with tiny keyboard patterns, acoustic neo-folk rumblings and all manner of undeniable oddball noises.' ‘Akin to Lou Barlow sobbing his tiny heart out while submerged in Loch Ness, this is the sound of Scotland quietly floating far, far out to some deep enchanting waters. And never dreaming of floating back.

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17 October 2008
The Top 10 New Scottish Acts
Live Reviews
31 August 2009
Green Man Festival 2009
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Winter Home Disco (Hot Chip Remix)
2. I Don't Know Where To Begin
3. Winter Home Disco
4. All I Own
5. Words Fail Me Now
6. The Lighthouse
7. Ribbon (The Twist)
8. Into The Smoke
9. Secret Sound # 2
10. Secret Sound # 1

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