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Twitter Michele Balduzzi (aka Phonat) is rapidly becoming one of the most respected dance producers in the UK. Originally from Florence, Italy. Michele was spotted by MofoHifi records on MySpace who were so impressed with the 21 year old that the loving label bosses persuaded the striking 7 foot Italian with his mop of unruly hair to leave his idyllic parents country farm in Florence and move to a bed sit in Canning town. Michele armed only with a 5 year old computer, electric guitar and Ryan Air ticket dutifully relocated to London in late 2007.


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Album Reviews
21 September 2009
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Set Me Free
2. Love Hits The Fan
3. The Quake (Malente Remix)
4. Learn To Recycle
5. Ghetto Burnin' (Mohito Remix)
6. Set Me Free (Extended Mix)
7. Set Me Free (Avicii Remix)
8. Set Me Free - Original Mix
9. Get Down My Dirty Street
10. A Warm Welcome - Original Mix

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