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Pete & The Pirates are an indie rock band from Reading, England. Bright, young commanders of a brand of unique Englishness, their blend of smooth edged punk and pop produces music which is sweet, raw, joyous, melancholic, raucous and tender. The Pirates' idiosyncratic and endearing song writing puts them somewhere between the Flying Nun band Tall Dwarfs and the wistful reflection of On The Beach-era Neil Young. The band was formed in 2005 and consists of Tommy Sanders (vocals), Peter Cattermoul (bass/vocals), David Thorpe (guitar), Jonny Sanders (drums) and Peter Hefferan (guitar/vocals).

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8 December 2008
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22 January 2008
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21 July 2009
Micachu, Jeffrey Lewis, Pete and the Pirates for Secret Festival
14 January 2009
Pete and the Pirates in Double Video Action
18 September 2008
Pete and the Pirates Take to the High Seas
15 May 2008
Billy Childish, Jimmy Cauty, Pete & the Pirates for Exhibition
8 May 2008
Crystal Castles and Los Campesinos! Join The Farm!
17 January 2008
Arr! Thar be a Pete and the Pirates Album!
Album Reviews
18 February 2008
Little Death
Single Reviews
12 January 2009
Jennifer / Blood Gets Thin
28 April 2008
She Doesn't Belong To Me
11 February 2008
Mr Understanding
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Come on Feet
2. Mr Understanding
3. This Thyme
4. Knots
5. She Doesn't Belong to Me
6. Think Twice
7. Something
8. Ill Love
9. Step Back
10. Lost in the Woods

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