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Pepe Deluxé is a Finnish electronic music oriented band which was created by two DJ friends, Vellu Maurola aka DJ Slow and Tomi Paajanen aka JA-Jazz in the mid 90s in Helsinki, Finland. In 1995, James Spectrum aka Jari Salo, joined the band and they started to experiment with sounds of hip hop, big beat, breakbeat and downtempo. DJ Slow departed the band in 2001 to pursue his solo projects.

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14 March 2008
Pepe Deluxe Win Best Album Award
1 August 2007
Singles Roundup
18 May 2007
So, What Influences Pepe Deluxe?
10 May 2007
Pepe Deluxe Are On Cloud 9
Single Reviews
3 March 2008
Forgotten Knights EP
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Before You Leave
2. Salami Fever
3. Cruel Youth
4. Lying Peacefully
5. Ask For a Kiss
6. Just Let Go
7. Woman In Blue
8. Big Muff
9. Little Miss Cypher
10. Daddy's Blazin' BBQ

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