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There are three groups called the Pastels: 1.)The Pastels, from Glasgow, have been described as an 'almost pop' group. As the description implies the group have some pop elements but miss out on others and have never charted. Their early records (1982-85) for labels like Whaam!, Creation and Rough Trade had a raw and immediate sound, melodic and amateur, which seemed all at odds with the time. But an emerging fanzine culture identified with the group's sound and image, and slowly The Pastels started to influence a new wave of groups which interested the NME and other UK media.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Nothing To Be Done
2. Baby Honey
3. I'm Alright With You
4. Crawl Babies
5. Holy Moly
6. Anne Boleyn
7. Sit on It Mother
8. Ugly Town
9. Sometimes I Think About You
10. Thank You For Being You

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