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Rikki Turner - Vocals, Wind Instruments

Jayne Gill - Vocals, Percussion Steven

Tajti - Keyboards, Programming

Scott Carey - Bass, Harmonicas

Mark Adj - Rhythm Guitar, Percussion

Simon Worrall - Drums, More Drums

Paul Wagstaff - Guitar, Noises Being regulars of the Boardwalk and Hacienda clubs had more of an influence on Paris Angels' sound than the music they actually listened to. Paris Angels signed to Sheer Joy records home of a disgruntled ex-Factory employee introduced Paris Angels to Michael Johnson (the man behind Blue Monday) and before you could say Moo to a Moog...


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Top 10 Tracks
1. All on You (Perfume)
2. Perfume (Loved Up)
3. Perfume (All on You)
4. Oh Yes
5. Perfume
6. Fade
7. Breathless
8. What Goes On
9. Eternity
10. Chaos (Stupid Stupid)

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