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The Nightjars are a currently active group in Manchester, England. The line-up is Ollie Wright on bass guitar and vocals, Phil Arnold on guitar and vocals and Seamus O'Kane on drums. The group formed in January 2005, when Wright and Arnold, childhood friends, recruited O'Kane and guitarist Dan Sims. The Nightjars quickly gained a reputation for fiery live shows, helped by a 90-minute improvised show as backing band for the legendary CAN vocallist Damo Suzuki at Manchester's Night & Day Cafe.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Valentine
2. You In A Fine Light
3. Defeated
4. Logic Has No Part In It
5. we fall
6. Crash This Car
7. out of love
8. Recognition in a Crowd
9. Machines Down
10. In Parallel

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