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Nigel of Bermondsey is Nigel Hoyle. Nigel was a founding member of infamous glam-rockers GAY DAD ('To Earth With Love' and 'Joy' went Top 10 and Top 20 resepectively), and has worked and toured with, amongst others Tony Visconti, Mansun, Robbie Williams, Ben Folds Five and contributed remixes for Snow Patrol, Christina Aguilera and more recently Elevator Suite for Pure Mint.

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Single Reviews
15 June 2009
This is How it Feels
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Top 10 Tracks
1. This Is How It Feels
2. Overload
3. I Believe In You
4. Lonely Heart Attack
5. Coffee
6. Human Nature
7. Come With Me
8. Castle Of Evil
9. This Is How It Feels (Inspiral Carpets)
10. One Eye Grey

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