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The new wave sound of the Parisian underground reaches these shores in the form of Neimo. A four-piece with influences ranging from The Smiths to The Strokes bring us an infusion of quirky pop and rock intertwined with a sly, lushness of hooky guitar riffs. After building up a strong, partizan following in France, Neimo have now turned their attentions to pastures new by signing to American label Shangri-La Music, home of the Duke Spirit in the States.

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Single Reviews
1 September 2008
Poison the Chalice
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Lines
2. Echoing Pixels
3. Vicious
4. Johnny Five
5. Something In Common
6. Poison The Chalice
7. Peter and the Wolves
8. Can you call me ?
9. Deceit
10. The Hourglass

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