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Ned's Atomic Dustbin are an alternative/grebo band formed in 1987 in Stourbridge, England. They consisted of John Penney (vocals), Gareth "Rat" Pring (guitar), Matt Chelsin (bass), Alex Griffin (bass) and Dan Warton (drums). They were known for their distinct sound that utilized two bass guitarists. The band split in 1995, only to reform in 2000. They are best known for the songs "Kill Your Television", "Grey Cell Green" and "Not Sleeping Around".

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10 February 2006
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Live in Finsbury Park
22 January 2009
The Neds Come Home
21 October 2008
Neds Pull Ex-Poppies In For Comeback Show
12 May 2008
Ned's Atomic Dustbin are Re:United
18 December 2007
10 September 2007
Freebass Record First Material
23 July 2007
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Don't Exist?
19 April 2007
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Confirmed for Glastonbury!
24 January 2007
Bands Reunite In Tribute To Wiz
26 May 2006
The Neds Take To The Web
25 May 2006
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Return With New Single
3 April 2006
Oh Joy - Ned's Atomic Dustbin to Release New Single!
Single Reviews
5 June 2006
5 October 1992
Not Sleeping Around
16 September 1991
4 March 1991
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Grey Cell Green
2. Kill Your Television
3. Happy
4. Cut Up
5. Selfish
6. Until You Find Out
7. Not Sleeping Around
8. Less Than Useful
9. Throwing Things
10. Capital Letters

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