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My Toys Like Me are: Hypnotic vocals, great hooks, boogey basslines, groove is in the feet, haunting, eccentric, quirky, crazy, beautiful freaks, crazy geeks and power pumping tunes – a perfect blend of electronic alt pop My Toys Like Me were formed by founder members Frances Noon and Lazlo Legezer…. Lazlo, producer and sound contortionist lives, breathes and dreams electronic sounds. His eccentric approach perfectly synthesizes 40 year old technology with current processing power to create not so much a wall of sound as a multi-layered construct of sound...

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Top 10 Tracks
1. sick couple
2. Superpowers
3. Sweetheart
4. Bats
5. Barnaby
6. all over my face
7. skylights
8. Making Fire
9. quiet please
10. Grin & Wriggle

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