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mr bones and the dreamers are a bookish band with fourteen legs between them; apportioned two per member. they play indie folk-music that was described by sax playing ex-president bill clinton as ' the sound of dolly parton singing joy division songs, alone and drunk in her dollywood mansion after an expansive session on the gin'. then again, what does he know? find us at one of the following and say hello, it's where you can proclaim that you love/despise us.

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Single Reviews
6 April 2009
Are These Actual Miles? (EP)
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Buckler's Gown
2. Seasick
3. Shattering Hands
4. Are These Actual Miles
5. The Healing
6. Drinking At The End Of The World
7. place we're staying
8. The Towers
9. Time to Rest
10. Dancing Song Pt. 2

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