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Blaggers, chancers, punks and urban poets - MILK KAN began as a two piece back at the end of 2003, as Scrappy Hood and Jimmy Blade picked up mothers` guitars and busked to the capital`s trains, tubes and very late night buses. Following the release of their bedroom recorded debut in 2004 they swapped public transport busking for the lower east side of New York City, gigging at local open mic haunts before returning to London and signing for PIAS records.

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Single Reviews
5 December 2005
Bling Bling Baby
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Top 10 Tracks
1. I'm A Nobody
2. Who Broke Susan Boyle?
3. God With An iPod
4. Bling Bling Baby
5. Hate Me Too
6. Don't It Suck That You Gotta Grow Up
7. Without You
8. I Want My MTV
9. Don't Panic
10. Different Game

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