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Midfield General, real name Damian Harris, is the original founder of the Skint Records label, which became the forerunner of the big success of Norman Cook's Fatboy Slim. Midfield General is the recording alias of Skint label boss Damian Harris. A prime architect of the sound of big beat, Harris grew up listening first to punk rock, then hip-hop, and finally acid house. He then moved to Brighton to study art, eventually taking work as a DJ while promoting clubs around the city.

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19 February 2008
CDX's musical YouTube round-up #2
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix)
2. Devil in Sports Casual
3. General of the Midfield
4. Reach Out
5. Disco Sirens
6. Coatnoise
7. Disco Sirens (Blacklight Flashlight Remix)
8. Coatnoise (Dave Clarke mix)
9. On The Road
10. 137 Piano

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