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Micachu and The Shapes revolves around Mica Levi AKA Micachu. Their debut album Jewellery was released on Rough Trade Records on March 9th. The Shapes is comprised of Marc Pell (Drums) and Raisa Khan (Keybords, electronics and percussions). The band formed in 2008 in London and released their debut single "Lone Ranger" in May 2008, followed by "Golden Phone" in August of 2008. So, a quick introduction, Björk is said to be a fan of Micachu and can probably identify with another artist brave enough to take pop music into entirely uncharted territory.

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21 July 2009
Micachu, Jeffrey Lewis, Pete and the Pirates for Secret Festival
30 January 2009
Get Ready For Festival Season
Album Reviews
9 March 2009
Single Reviews
5 May 2008
Lone Ranger
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Lips
2. Golden Phone
3. Vulture
4. Calculator
5. Wrong
6. Guts
7. Hardcore
8. Sweetheart
9. Eat your heart
10. Curly Teeth

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