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There are 2 bands with this name. 1. McCarthy were a British indie pop band, formed in Barking, East London in 1985 by schoolmates Malcolm Eden, Tim Gane, John Williamson and Gary Baker. They mixed a sweetly melodic style, dominated by Gane's 12-string guitar playing, with Eden's overtly political lyrics, often satirical in tone, which reflected the band's far left leanings. After a string of singles, including 'Red Sleeping Beauty' and 'Frans Hals', and a track on the NME c86 album, their debut album 'I Am A Wallet' was released in 1987 to much critical acclaim.

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7 April 2009
Stereolab Hiatus Mystery
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Red Sleeping Beauty
2. The Well of Loneliness
3. Frans Hals
4. Antinature
5. The Funeral
6. An Mp Speaks
7. Keep an Open Mind or Else
8. we are all bourgeois now
9. Celestial City
10. The Way of the World

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