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Matthew Herbert is a musician and producer working predominantly in the field of electronic music. Known for ignoring the boundaries and mangling the conventions traditionally associated with the genre, he is one of the few independently-minded artists to have made a considerable impact on both media and public while striving to be innovative and experimental. As a recording artist since 1996 he has released music on a variety of record labels under aliases such as Doctor Rockit, Wishmountain, Radio Boy, Mr.

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28 June 2009
Win! A Pair of Tickets to the Loop Festival
19 March 2009
Loop 3.0 Unveils a Genuinely Interesting Line-up
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Top 10 Tracks
1. Suddenly
2. The Audience
3. An Apple a Day...
4. Hidden Sugars
5. Nigella, George, Tony and Me
6. Celebrity
7. The Movers and the Shakers
8. These Branded Waters
9. The Truncated Life of a Modern Industrialised Chicken
10. An Empire of Coffee

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