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Martina Topley-Bird is a vocalist from Shepherds Bush West London, United Kingdom, who first gained fame as the female vocalist on trip hop pioneer Tricky's (Adrian Thaws) debut album, Maxinquaye, (a printing error credited her as "Martine"). She continued her collaboration with Tricky on his follow-up album Pre-Millennium Tension as well as his Nearly God side-project. Topley-Bird had a child, Maisie, with Thaws.

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22 January 2008
CDX's Tips for 2008
2 April 2008
Martina Topley-Bird, live this week
28 January 2008
Martina Topley-Bird readies new single
Album Reviews
12 May 2008
The Blue God
Single Reviews
8 September 2008
Baby Blue
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2. Baby Blue
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4. Carnies
5. Need One
6. Anything
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