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Manchester Orchestra is an indie rock band which formed in Atlanta, Georgia, United States in 2005. They consist of Andy Hull (vocals, guitar), Robert McDowell (guitar), Jonathan Corley (bass), Christopher Freeman (keyboards) and Jeremiah Edmond (drums, 2005-2010). The band has released two albums - 2006's "I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child" and 2009's "Mean Everything to Nothing". Mean Everything To Nothing , the second album from Atlanta's Manchester Orchestra, is everything you want a rock record to be: raw, urgent, emotional, and 100 percent authentic.

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Album Reviews
7 September 2009
Mean Everything to Nothing
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Top 10 Tracks
1. I've Got Friends
2. Wolves At Night
3. Don't Let Them See You Cry
4. Now That You're Home
5. Where Have You Been?
6. I Can Feel a Hot One
7. I Can Barely Breathe
8. Shake It Out
9. Golden Ticket
10. The Neighborhood Is Bleeding

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