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Darkness. Thick layers of filthy blackness. Escape is not an option. Covered by the slime that is actually dripping from the sound. Itís filling the room that seems to get smaller and smaller. The speakers cry by the sheer volume. Hypnotizing rhythms providing the groundwork for the dissonant screeching guitars and the vocals that come from deep within. Those places would be better left covered. Nothing left to do but to stand, watch and be carried away by the waves of these Manatees.



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Album Reviews
30 March 2009
Icarus, The Sunclimber
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Top 10 Tracks
1. II
2. iii
3. I
4. Of Wax and Wing
5. The Sunclimber
6. Hyperion Altitude
7. IV
8. False Sun
9. Out of the Sky, into the Gutter
10. Untitled

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