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A long time ago ( about 1992 ) in a village far far away, a band called Magoo was formed. Influenced by bands such as Guided by Voices, Stereolab, Pavement, The Flaming Lips and a healthy dollop of radio Peel, the band took its first steps towards being able to play. This achieved they set about writing, recording and playing local gigs in and around norwich. After releasing three singles on Noisebox Records they were snapped up by those canny scots Chemikal Underground, where they released two albums : The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo and Vote The Pacifist Ticket Today.

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Top 10 Tracks
1. Black Sabbath
2. Boardmeeting
3. A to Z and Back Again
4. Pink Dust
5. Slips
6. East Polar Opposite Can Dream
7. Swiss Border Escape
8. Peace, Love and Blood
9. Robot Twin
10. Expansion Ride

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